Fuze Fitness is the best! The classes are so much fun! When you go, it seems more like a party than a workout! The knowledgeable and supportive instructors show moves for all fitness levels, so there’s always something for everyone. Fuze helps me be my best! Love ya Tess!
– Amy


I love the boot camps! Not only is it a fun environment, it is personal. Tess does an amazing job at pushing each individual at a pace that’s perfect for them. I love the way I feel and am loving the results!

– Tara


Tessa Croshaw has helped me change my life!  When I first met her I weighed 250 lbs.  Somehow she changed my mindset about exercise because she knows how to make it FUN! A couple years ago, I attended one of Tessa’s Zumba classes it was my very first one.  I was curious to see what Zumba was all about and I knew I needed to lose some weight.   I enjoyed the class so much because Tessa made it comfortable for me no matter what fitness level I was at.  (She would show Beginner level steps or Advance level steps.)   She is one of the most motivating fitness trainers! know this because I thought I fell in love with Zumba and then I attended other instructor’s classes.  I soon came to know that I was spoiled by Tessa’s contagious energy and fun and it made the other Zumba teachers seem boring in comparison.I am an avid follower of the fitness classes Tessa’s offers.  I attend her Zumba, Back to Basics, and her Individual Fitness training sessions.  With her help I’ve lost 70 lbs. Tessa has helped me get more physically fit and I have seen my body get stronger and stronger with the routines she creates.   I have not been one to write down my goals but Tessa encourages me to not only write them down but to have them viewable to look at every day.I’m still working hard to get to my goal weight and Tessa is by my side helping me get there.  I have daily routines created for me to do at home and check in’s on my food journaling.  She has an interest in all of her clients.  She is seriously striving to help everyone she meets improve their health and achieve their goals. I seriously can’t say enough about how she has helped increase my confidence, my strength, and my happiness.  The one thing, I really enjoy is being able to chase after my young boys something I couldn’t do before and  I owe Tessa a big THANK YOU for making that happen.

– Marcie


Tess is a great personal trainer! She is always excited about fitness and is great at tailoring your routine for the specific individual. I have seen a noticable improvement towards reaching my fitness goals with only a few weeks of working with her. She makes exercising fun yet challenging no matter the time of the day! I recommend her wholeheartedly.

– Nikka


I have been attending Zumba classes at various gyms for a few years, but Zumba and Sweating Sexy, as well as some of the conditioning classes offered by Fuze Fitness, are by far the most fun workouts I have ever attended. Tess is one of the most versatile an enthusiastic trainers I have ever met. Her Zumba and Sweating Sexy workouts let us get in touch with our femininity, while working our ab. and not only. Her enthusiasm is extremely contagious. I have seen shy girls and women, with initial insecurities, come out if their shells and turn into epitomes of femininity and confidence, gaining all that along achieving fitness goals, gaining muscle tone and losing weight. Tess and her instructors can motivate just about anyone, by example and just by being fun. When I cannot attend Fuze Fitness classes regularly, I feel deprived and always miss my Tess time.



“I love the bootcamps at Fuze Fitness. You can feel and see your body getting stronger and healthier right from the beginning. You can also tell that Tess truly cares about your personal needs and improvements.” Feel free to alter it a bit if you’d like. Lol sorry it took me some time. I’ve been all distracted with this move stuff.

– Taysia