Personal Training

The number one excise I hear from people who haven’t started workout is they are embarrassed. They feel they need to lose weight before going to the gym, and before hiring a personal trainer. Well here is a reality check, WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW ISN’T WORKING. Most can’t do it on their own and that is why you are still at home “attempting to loose weight” before going to they gym and getting healthy. I get it the gym can be intimating, you felt left behind in group classes, and you don’t know if your doing things right. So that is why I have created my A La Cart Personal Training Program.

Tess and Fuze Fitness believes everyone should have an opportunity to meet with a fitness professional and learn the correct way to exercise. We cater to beginner exercisers who need that little extra confidence before hitting the gym or group fitness classes.I  format your programs to meet you needs no matter what they are. Bad Knees, Bad Back, Asthma, No problem!! We will find a workout that fits you.

*** Currently I am not taking any new clients because I’m in the process of launching a brand new virtual online personal training program. Please email me if this is something you would be interested in getting more information on! ¬†

A La Carte Menu Prices

1 hour personal training session – $35.00

30 minute Nutritional Guidance – $12.00

At Home Workout (Written) – $5.00 per workout

At Home Workout (Video) – $7.00 per workout

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