Meet The Trainers

Meet Tessa Croshaw
Fuze Fitness Owner


Tessa has always had a passion for living an active lifestyle. She started dancing at the age of 5 and grew up participating in cheerleading, flag team, baton twirling, and by her senior became the captain of the drill team. A few years after graduating High School Tess discovered Zumba and was addicted by her first class. 4 months later she had her first teaching job at Idaho Athletic Club, one of the largest gyms in Idaho as a Zumba Instructor.  From there her passion and love for fitness grew.

Over the next 7 years Tess has been a Back Up Babe for Flirty Girl Fitness, a Master Trainer for Train Dirty Fitness, and has taught multiple classes in Japan. She also helped test market the international powerhouse program Tabata Boot Camp before it official hit the fitness circuit.

Tessa is nationally certified as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She has over 10 specialty certifications including Bosu, Zumba, Above The Bare, Tabata Boot Camp, Kick Boxing, and many more. Over her many years of teaching she has grown to love working with people who are just learning to exercise.

She has been described by many of her students and clients as a burst of energy that will keep you going. No matter your fitness level you always feel comfortable and confident in classes.

Tess is the founder and owner of Fuze Fitness which specializes in Boot Camp, Zumba, and Personal Training.



Meet Lisa Gibbs
Boot Camp Instructor


I grew up in a family with the philosophy that being active isn’t something you do at the gym, it’s a lifestyle. We rarely watched t.v. and if my mom caught us sitting around, she gave us something to do! We have three generations of tri-athletes and my 65-year old dad took first place in his division a few years ago before he began a brave battle with cancer.

I ran track and field in high school and have always had a passion for athletics and fitness.¬† In 2013 when I became a AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, I found my calling! I love empowering others through fitness, especially women. I believe in working out smarter, not longer. I believe in mental, physical and spiritual balance. I don’t subscribe to extreme diets or training and I don’t believe in quick fixes. Change is a process.

In 2015 I became a certified Tabata Bootcamp instructor and discovered what I believe to be the most efficient and scientifically backed method of training to date. Shortly after, I was given the opportunity to teach Bootcamps at Fuze Fitness. I’ve found a home at Fuze and grown so much as a person and an instructor. I genuinely care about the girls I teach and am so grateful for those relationships.

I am also certified in BOSU Strong & Stretched.